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Anirban Deb

Anirban Deb
Anirban Deb is the former tech lead of the Experimentation, Segmentation, Personalization and Mobile App Development Platform data science teams at Uber and currently heading the Uber Freight data science organization.

Engineering Blog Articles

Under the Hood of Uber’s Experimentation Platform

Uber's experimentation platform empowers us to improve the customer experience by allowing teams to launch, debug, measure, and monitor product changes.

Research Papers

Safely and Quickly Deploying New Features with a Staged Rollout Framework Using Sequential Test...

Z. Zhao, M. Liu, A. Deb
During the rapid development cycle for Internet products (websites and mobile apps), new features are developed and rolled out to users constantly. Features with code defects or design flaws can cause outages and significant degradation of user experience. The traditional method of code review and change management can be time-consuming and error-prone. In order to make the feature rollout process safe and fast, this paper proposes a methodology for rolling out features in an automated way using an adaptive experimental design. [...] [PDF]
International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Applications, (ICCIA), 2018

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