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Alex Gajewski

Alex Gajewski is a third-year undergrad at Columbia University studying math and computer science, and was as a summer 2018 intern with Uber AI. He is excited by the potential of emerging technologies like machine learning to change the ways we interact with each other and ourselves.

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Introducing EvoGrad: A Lightweight Library for Gradient-Based Evolution


Tools that enable fast and flexible experimentation democratize and accelerate machine learning research. Take for example the development of libraries for automatic differentiation, such as Theano, Caffe, TensorFlow, and PyTorch: these libraries have been instrumental in

Research Papers

Evolvability ES: Scalable and Direct Optimization of Evolvability

A. Gajewski, J. Clune, K. O. Stanley, J. Lehman
Designing evolutionary algorithms capable of uncovering highly evolvable representations is an open challenge; such evolvability is important because it accelerates evolution and enables fast adaptation to changing circumstances. This paper introduces evolvability ES, an evolutionary algorithm designed to explicitly and efficiently optimize for evolvability, i.e. the ability to further adapt. [...] [PDF]
The Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO), 2019

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