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Aimee Lucido

Aimee Lucido is a software engineer on Uber’s Driver Experience team. In her spare time, she constructs crossword puzzles, performs with her musical improv group Flash Mob Musical and writes for children and young adults. She is a proud social justice paladin, and she enjoys running and then eating as much pasta as she can.

Engineering Blog Articles

How to Have Your Software Engineering Job and Eat It Too


I was never sure if I wanted to be a software engineer.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved coding. I loved solving hard puzzles, thinking about products, and working in a collaborative environment. I loved advocating for users, interfacing across

The Journey To Android Monorepo: The History Of Uber Engineering’s Android Codebase Organization

During our inaugural Uber Technology Day, software engineer Aimee Lucido delivered a presentation on the history of Uber Engineering’s Android codebase. In this article, she expands on the reasons behind Uber’s decision to build a monorepo to support