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Adam Welc is a Senior Engineer at Uber's Programming Systems Team, where he currently works on application analysis and performance tuning as well as on developing tools to improve developers' experience. More generally, his professional interests are in the area of programming language design, implementation, and tooling with specific focus on run-time system and compiler optimizations. Adam has over ten years of experience working with with different types of virtual machines (ART, HotSpot JVM, AVM, ORP JVM, Jikes RVM, J9 JVM), compilers (GreenMarl, ASC, StarJIT), and other large and complicated frameworks and systems (ProGuard, D8, ReDex, Truffle framework, STM runtime for Intel's C/C++ compiler). He holds a PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Engineering Blog Articles

Second Uber Science Symposium: Showcasing Developments in Programming Systems and Tools

On May 3, 2019, Uber’s Programming Systems Team hosted the Programming Systems and Tools Track of the company’s Second Uber Science Symposium at our San Francisco office. The program featured a full day of talks by leading researchers and practitioners

Research Papers

Profiling Android Applications with Nanoscope

L. Liu, L. Takamine, A. Welc
User-level tooling support for profiling Java applications executing on modern JVMs for desktop and server is quite mature – from Open JDK’s Java Flight Recorder enabling low-overhead CPU and heap profiling, through third-party async profilers (e.g. async-profiler, honest-profiler), to Open JDK’s support for low-overhead tracking of allocation call sites. [...] [PDF]
Virtual Machines and Language Implementations (VMIL), 2018