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Ankit Jain

Ankit Jain is a former research scientist of Uber AI.

Engineering Blog Articles

Fraud Detection: Using Relational Graph Learning to Detect Collusion

As Uber grew in popularity and scale among legitimate customers, it also attracted the attention of financial criminals in the cyberspace. One type of fraudulent behavior is collusion, a cooperative fraud action among users. For example, users collude by taking

Meta-Graph: Few-Shot Link Prediction Using Meta-Learning


This article is based on the paper “Meta-Graph: Few Shot Link Prediction via Meta Learning” by Joey Bose, Ankit Jain, Piero Molino, and William L. Hamilton

Many real-world data sets are structured as graphs, and as such, machine

Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Using Graph Learning to Power Recommendations

The Uber Eats app serves as a portal to more than 320,000 restaurant-partners in over 500 cities globally across 36 countries. In order to make the user experience more seamless and easy-to-navigate, we show users the dishes, restaurants, and cuisines

Research Papers

Estimating Q(s,s’) with Deep Deterministic Dynamics Gradients

A. Edwards, Himanshu Sahni, R. Liu, J. Hung, A. Jain, R. Wang, A. Ecoffet, T. Miconi, C. Isbell, J. Yosinski
In this paper, we introduce a novel form of value function, Q(s,s′), that expresses the utility of transitioning from a state s to a neighboring state s′ and then acting optimally thereafter. In order to derive an optimal policy, we develop a forward dynamics model that learns to make next-state predictions that maximize this value. [...] [PDF]
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML), 2020